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 Sophmore Student Body President at Green Hope, Namrata Jumani,  Messrs. Perks, O'Brien, Ms. Cook and the entire High School Student body and Faculty have shown us all what passion and action can bring to fruition.  Today, Wags 4 Tags was presented with a check for $1,619 so that we can rescue 2 more dogs from our State's kill shelter, train and gift to 2 Veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI and other psychological wounds.  With a promise and a plan, they raised this money through a fundraiser called "Dollars4Dogs".  A letter written by Namrata will accompany each dog to it's new Veteran-owner.  The students and teachers got to choose the names for the 2 dogs:  Stay tuned to our forthcoming "FALCON" and "NEMO"!  


This is an excerpt of the wonderful letter we received with the donation:


"Saving two lives on donations is the purest way to give back to the community. Raising $1619 with no materialistic incentives is a great feat of spirit, derived from our respect for our veterans. We are so thankful for your service to our country, hopefully through our contribution we can show our appreciation. 

In just two days we had raised $1619, enough to fund the rescue and treatment of two dogs and pairing with veterans. We are so proud to call this our achievement, it’s an honor. 

Namrata Jumani

Green Hope High School

 Class of 2017 Student Body President"





(left: Jarred Lobo and Samantha Chan )








                                                                                        (Ms. Maggie Cook)





State President Audria Vickers’ project was to take on Wags 4 Tags as her charity. Total donations were $6543. Thank you Audria and CAR for your donation.  You are appreciated for all you do for our shelter dogs and wounded Veterans!  







We're now approved to be in the Combined Federal Campaign!! Remember the days when you could say, "I gave at the office?” Now you can! Just enter the approved CFC code to designate your donation to Wags 4 Tags: #51945.  Thanks Catherine for making this happen and thank you to John Pollard, CPA ,for doing the edits


Thank you ALL in advance for your support!





It was always our vision to embrace our community in our efforts to help save our shelter dogs so that in turn they could help save our Veterans and dogs who are suffering in silence.


The support we have and continue to receive humbles us and makes our Mission so much easier and rewarding!  The Retirement Communities, schools, youth groups, civic organizations, businesses, Rotary Clubs, radio, TV, print and other media has helped us make such progress in Public Education and Awareness.  


Our mission positively affects our families, communities, towns, cities, and state -- why not let them contribute to this effort? That way, our program truly becomes a "circle of life". This page is dedicated (and will be continuosly updated) to all the time, talent and efforts you have shared with us, that we can continue to rescue our abandoned dogs and help our forgotten heroes. 



"Often people tell Ronnie or me what a great job we're doing.  We systematically correct them and remind them that neither of us could do this without the help of our VOLUNTEERS!  Their talent, time and passion makes it all happen.  Thank you  Rachel,  Alyssa, Alicia, Matthew, Sanam, Kristen, Blythe,  NCSU Companion Animal Club, Duke University's Sigma Pi,  our Board of Advisors,  Catherine, Carolyn B, Carolyn A,  Hal & Linda and  Rosie. We welcome our newest volunteers, Venny & Dave, Peggy & Bruce, Jennifer, Bethany, Dana, Sandy and Meaghan!"




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Thank you artists at the Brookdale’s Carolina House Retirement Home in Durham for painting the rain barrels and birdhouses and showcasing them. These and other similar one-of-a kind artworks are available for donations. Please contact Wags 4 Tags or click on the Donate tab.

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